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December 08, 2010


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I went down to see Patti Smith today. The genius staff at the National Portrait Gallery neglected to mention in their press advance that you needed a ticket and only 300 people would get them. We were told we cold wait for Patti to sign books. Which we did. Then when the book signing time came around (now two hours of waiting) we were told to get in a "special line" since our book were not bought at the Gallery. So we were taken out of line and put in a special line that would get to have Patti Smith autograph a book AFTER all the others in line who bought books at the Gallery did - regardless of when they came to the line. Nice huh? This is the kind of offensive stuff that Gallery's are criticized for constantly. For me, it was such a low brow way of doing things that I left without suffering the insult of being put last in line. Thank goodness my tax dollars don't pay for this Gallery. (Hey, wait a minute...). Thank for nothing staff. You really blew it.

Joe S.

That was AWESOME. Patti Smith is even cooler than I thought, which is saying something. When the curator asked her to play, and she brought out a guitar, my wife literally squeaked. I mean, where else can you get a free Patti Smith performance, and she takes questions after?
We saw the ticket notice on their web site, call it luck or "genius" if you want but had no problem getting two. The book line was long but totally worth it (Christmas shopping!).
Patti (and the Portrait gallery) made our weekend. Thanks!

Alis in Chains

Before the talk, we went to see what's left of the Hide and Seek show, which took a lot longer than expected. Partly cause it's huge, partly cause it was crowded, and partly because PATTI SMITH WAS IN THERE, wandering around like she was just anybody.
The talk was really interesting-- the interview guy kept it about her and the book. She didnt seem to think much of the controversy, I thik she called it overblown. She said the show was 'bold and beautiful' and, even though I went in there expecting to be mad, I have to agree.

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