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October 29, 2010


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lets have a gay muslem exhibt. its obvious that this is meant to offend christains. witch i do not beleive in either but i am tired of the christain bashing in this country.this is just trash.the smithsonian was 1st. on my list to visit during my christmas break but not now.sad sad sad.i hope congress does do something about this but sadly its all talk and will be forgotten after their news bits. this is sad also.


Art created by unregenerate man is by definition degenerate. We are in a downward spiral, reversing the Rennaisance and Enlightenment, eras whose art served to glorify God.

Like the economics of homosexual pedophile John Maynard Keynes, this narcissitic art serves to debase our commons and further alienate us from each other.
Such caustic freedom is a universal acid to society and further grooms the public desensitization to sin and alienation from God.
There will be a final reckoning for those who mislead the children who view the exhibit and are influenced by its underlying theme.

Freedom for expressing this ought not be suppressed, but should entirely supported by private funding and exhibited in a R environment.

your mom

Well, I'd like to welcome you to hypocrit-ville. Your bible tells you not to judge...I believe that's supposed to be left up to your not-yet-proven-to-exhist spirit in the sky to do. And besides, what is it hurting you? Are you failing in life because of an art exhibit at the Smithsonian? Is your or your family's life in danger because of this exhibit? I love the art...for the art.. most of the stories are intriguing. I'd love to see this exhibit..maybe they'll come to New Orleans.


Hide/Seek exhibit ART? This is NOT art! Art portrays beauty... do you see any beauty here? I THINK NOT! Wake up...this life is temporal... think on those things that are eternal and you too can be saved from this moral corruption and depravity. PS: HE is not dead, HE is risen, AMEN!!!


an institution setup to educate the public on the dialog of art is now educating on the dialog of censorship. how sad i was taught America was above this. you should of course change the .edu to .cn the land of the, well, the land anyways.


As i continue to produce art it will be my fervent effort to never let any art be displayed here as a lasting effect of the Portrait Galleries obvious censorship policies. thanks for supporting the arts.

Dr Geoffrey Parkes

if it is the case that, as per the statement issued by the exhibition's curators that "“However, we want visitors to the National Portrait Gallery to experience the exhibition without further alteration. Mr. Bronson’s photograph is a brilliant and sobering meditation on the human tragedy of AIDS and the power of portraiture.” then it must surely follow that David Wojnaorwicz's work be restored, unaltered, to the exhibition.
I do not support the demonisation of the Smithsonian - I understand that it was acting according to pressure from powers above; yet I cannot support such political and linguistic trickery in the face of the legitimate and significant public outcry that has severely overshadowed the original exhibition.
I am hoping the gallery understands that caving in to pressure after only a few complaints, as opposed to the visits of over ten thousand people, was the wrong thing to do. I can only wish that Wojnarowicz's work would be restored and the integrity of the exhibition and the gallery and the decision making process would also be restored.
Kind regards

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