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July 21, 2010


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Melanie Dawson

I wasnt fully aware of this however Davidson apparently did not have his subjects pose, as such, rather it is said he was an outgoing type personality who preferred to observe and speak with them, getting to know them as people. I believe this really is evident in his work you can see the personallity "so to speak" in his work rather than just another sculpter


My thanks go to Brandon Brame Fortune for his note about Jo Davidson using a French foundry. It makes sense given Davidson's personal history (and residence) in France. Even so, with the advances in American craftsmanship, my patriotic self hopes that contemporary bronzes are today cast in American foundries. ("In 1968, this particular bust was cast in bronze for the National Portrait Gallery, using a plaster that had remained in the Davidson family. It was cast by the Valsuani foundry in France, the foundry Davidson used during his lifetime....")
-Mel Ahlborn, This Artist's Life, http://thisartistslife.wordpress.com

dr chandrika kaul

i am an academic teaching at the university of st andrews in scotland, UK. i am researching the bust Jo Davidson made of M. Gandhi in 1931. i am under the impression it was last owned by his son Jacques. I am working on a book which draws on this aspect of Davidson's work and would appreciate any help you may be able to provide me

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