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December 16, 2009


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Richard Taylor

My wife and I visited the gallery on MLK day and saw this picture.

Our opinion of the work was that it was a well-done "op-art/pop-art" type of piece, but that it was patently DISRESPECTFUL of Mr. Clinton that this piece was the ONLY portrait of him in the gallery.

All other "funny/non-traditional" pieces in the Presidential gallery were placed near a more sober rendition of that same president (i.e. the humorous sculpture of George H. W. Bush directly across from his oil portrait).

It appeared to us to be a "political" statement in a spectacularly inappropriate venue.

National Portrait Gallery

This is an excellent subject for discussion; thank you for bringing your thoughts on the Chuck Close portrait of President Clinton to our attention.

We are honored to have this image on loan. Of course, it is not a traditional image of a sitting or a former president, as you have observed. However, this image was sanctioned by President Clinton and the artist, Chuck Close, is one of the most accomplished artists of our day.

The National Portrait Gallery collection contains other images of President Clinton, some of which are more traditional; those portraits go on view as the galleries are refreshed.

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