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June 03, 2009


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Thank you for posting the slide show. What a talent. She captures emotion in these pieces that is stunning.

Ginny Lebacqz, California

What a lovely and interesting thing to do this morning.........I learned so much from your comments on the audio about your paintings, your philosophies. and your other work, as they converge and are demonstrated thru your art.  Thank you for the opportunity.  
Ginny Lebacqz, California

Karen Marcus, New Jersey

I was able to listen to the whole interview which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I love your comparisons of baseball and basketball and remembered that today while watching the Yankee game on TV.  I, too, agree with the interviewer that yours was the best painting of a sports figure in that hall. 
Karen Marcus, New Jersey

(please use this rather than the 1st one I wrote

Nancye Tuttle, The Lowell Sun Lowell Ma.

This is terrific. I am delighted it worked out and you certainly are articulate. Also glad with choice of the photo of you looking at Fisk.
Nancye Tuttle,The Lowell Sun Lowell, Ma.

Caryl V. Peterson, New Mexico

The slide show reinforces what you were saying in the interview about your choice of subjects. The portrait of Carlton Fisk shows his fierceness and even his sense of "fairplay". Like someone else and the interviewer, I agree that the portrait is the best picture of a sports figure in the National Gallery! The portraits remind me of watching sports on TV with my father....


I like this portrait of Carlton..

Mayweather vs. Mosley

Congratulations to Susan Miler-Havens for the portrait. I say little words WOW!

Basketball Hoops

A prominent baseball expert has ranked Hall-of-Fame catcher Carlton Fisk (born 1947) as the sixth greatest major-league catcher of all time, behind only Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Roy Campanella, Mickey Cochrane, and Mike Piazza. Fisk’s offensive statistics and his longevity are remarkable. He holds the record for the number of games played as a catcher (2,226), and is second only to Piazza in home runs hit as a catcher (351). A major-leaguer for twenty-four seasons—first with the Boston Red Sox, then with the Chicago White Sox—Fisk made the All-Star team eleven times.

Basketball Hoops

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