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January 17, 2009


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Nice blog.I like Obama,because he is the good president.I love that, I wish I could go and see it!


this portrait is good, Obama is hope


I like Obama and I like this Potrait


Good potrait, I like it, maybe I can collect it


Thanks All these pictures are beautiful, I’m from Ishkashim, Badakhshan and all these pictures make me miss home even more, good job guys, next time take me with you!


I love that, I wish I could go and see it!


Really beautiful portrait!


I have a support for Obama to make a better world than ever..

Banksy Art

Great portrait, great president. Here is to the future...


i like it. It's my favort picture of obama


so nice, Its the true man


cool man, where you take it, I want it, Can i Collect It? because, Obama is the real

Rusli Zainal

So Nice.... :-)

martin anthony duffy

what is wrong with America,warhol got away with far worse and was celebrated for it,this work will live longer and shout louder than it's detractors. Why can't they be honest and admit their problem with the image has a more sinister motive than mere art criticism

mind author

great photo..hmm but i don't like obama

Müzik Dinle

barrack obama is very beatuful ..... thanks admin...


The portrait is good

Vilis Inde

The issue of copyright infringement should play a significant role in the decision of what is and is not displayed in the NPG. Fairey has recently admitted that he lied about the source of the image and also admitted to destroying documents that were relevant to the copyright case between Fairey and the Associated Press.
Although, a court might find that Fairey's use of an AP photograph falls within some exception to the copyright infringement laws, this determination has not yet been made.
I am shocked that the NPG would ignore this underlying issue despite the popularity of the image and its message of "Hope." The legal issue is not some esoteric meaningless question, but has been discussed throughout the country. The display of the portrait seems to condone copyright infringement in this case. This sends the absolute wrong message about respect for the law in the arts.


Actually I didnt write comments but I cant help writing for Obama. Isn't he different than other politicians?

ssk sorgulama

support it, looking future

Portrait Artist Kate

He has been made a saint and a saviour before has had a chance to prove himself. He represents hope because the last one was so hopeless.


Nice portrait mate :)
I wish I could meet President Obama someday...

Alex Krasky

Its beautifull. I am an Artist liveing in Las Vegas. Right now I am in process of drawing of the big Painting for our President. You can see it on this link. I hope to hand it personally to our President.



much of Obey's work gets publicity but creating this piece and the fact that it was used as the campaign really elevated Obey's standing and wouldn't have done any harm to his streetwear clothing label.


I believe this a very iconic painting, and will be remebered historically.
Lets hope americans don't lose sight of obama's importance.

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