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January 17, 2009


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Daniel Burtea

I have enjoyed the portrait, and I have one too...abstract portrait of The New Star


Darren Milligan

The portrait as shown at the Irvine Contemporary on October 31, 2008:


Susanne Mei

To watch a video of the installation of the Obama image and see an interview with Shepard Fairey visit www.smithsonianchannel.com


Shep's been very very busy.



I profite this ocasion for congrtulate the 44th president of USA and Waren Perry.
Good LUCK President

Gadis Bugil

Congratulations, I'm from Indonesia and very happy because Obama is the president

Marie Wanata

I am from Thailand, our people in Thailand are also love to see the new President Mr. Obama and hope that the economy will change better.


I don't believe that a work of art that is the result of copyright infringement, by an artist who has been arrested for repeatedly damaging public property, belongs in our national museums--In light of these disturbing facts, perhaps Fairey's work should be placed in storage until you plan a display of "notorius" works...

Pressure Washing Houston

The proof will be in the pudding. And so far we only know that the pudding is chocolate! Everyone wants to make him the next Superhero....lets wait and see before we start sewing a new cape. He sounds a lot different when he stops talking about "hope" and he starts talking about reality!

Daniel Simmons


Ben Arnon conducted an interview with Shepard Fairey that approaches his famous Obama portrait from the perspective of Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. I think it provides a very compelling back-story to his image of Obama. Here's a link to the story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-arnon/how-the-obama-hope-poster_b_133874.html


Obama is a symbol for hope, maybe he won't be a good president but the fact that we can get this far is amazing and shows hope for people of all types

Selly Xiu

Let us pray so Mr. Obama will have success. May God bless him


I love that, I wish I could go and see it!


This work is clearly not copyright infringement. If you look up the Fair Use Law, as well as the original photograph it is based on, Shepard Fairey wins the case on three out of the four principles of Fair Use. It will be a gross abuse of the legal system if somehow he loses the suit with the AP.

I saw it in person at the NPG and it is a brilliant, gorgeous work that helped our first black president win the election. It doesn't matter whether or not Obama is a great president, it is still a piece of history.


I never believed that this will happen, in my life time, god bless America. Only in America. I now believe.


I have enjoyed the portrait


Can I collect this Photo?


It's mean hope a change :)

Joseph J. Pippet

It's a shame a photo doesn't show us what's in a persons Heart.Love or Murder.

Juegos Gratis

Beautiful portrait!


After the first 100 days, I was convinced that Americans have the President who will lead us out of the great recession and enter the new area of american history.


I like it, I like Obama, I support it, looking future

Jordan Marquis Williams

I like this portrait


I dont like barack obama's ways

chat sohbet

thanks for this, its sooo much faster now

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