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December 19, 2008


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As an ametuer artist, I will let you in on a secret...
We replicate the subject's personality as well as their appearance.
There is a reason Laura Bush looks illuminated and almost celestial. In tones of warm and bright yellow and pink hues.

As for the portrait of George W Bush. There are some folks that are so mentally divided that they cannot be captured fully in the image of one person.


These are really great portraits. Very natural.


Allison O.

As much as I dislike President Bush, the painting is very beautiful and relaxed in its pose. I wonder what it was like for a former classmate to portray the person he knew so long ago.

Zulema Miguele

President Bush appears most relaxed, natural, humble and that unforgetable smile. Our First Lady is pure and natural. I can't wait to see the pictures in person.


That's big picture and looking good.

Wang Yu

I am visiting here in Washington DC from China. I am a man love horses and particullarly the royal horses of the leaders of a country. I just came back from Lexington KY for FEI Games.
I was told that President Bush recieved a gift which is sculpture of horse with Chinese culture. Kindly advice me if I can see this national gift from China.
In the meantime, I have great interest to visit any musuem that has something about royal horses of US President of different times starting from Washington whose horse was an Arabian horse with white coat.
Your earliest possible repoly is highly appreciated.


It’s always interesting to contemplate an original oil painting of some well-known person. I suppose a lot of people will visit National Portrait Gallery to see the paintings in person. I also will try to visit this pretty nice exhibition.

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