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August 13, 2008


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William Mees

I have a framed silhouette of Alexander Hamilton signed Bache. How can I find out if it is genuine? It's in a very old frame and was in a collection of silhouettes.

Jean Meaney

There is a story about this at the time famous incident in Washington Irving's Knickerbocker Tales and a funny drawing of the Col.'s queue hanging down from the coffin from the hole bored in it so I rather think they did bore a hole in the coffin.
One thing that could be added is that Col. Thomas Butler was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati, officers whose badge of honor of serving in the Revolutionary War were their queues.
Wilkinson's "roundhead order" did not sit well with these distinguished military men. Many did not trust or like Wilkinson who later turned traitor to the U.S. While in Tennessee Thomas became very good friends with Andrew and Rachel Jackson who became the wards of his three underage children when he died in New Orleans of yellow fever during a break from the court martial. They married their Butler wards to their nieces and nephews. (He was my fourth great grandfather. Fun to see his silhouette.)

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