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June 17, 2008


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Jeannette K. Rook



I also found all seven of the Children
1. Karl James Anderson 1874-1959
2.Stella Anderson Hill 1875-1917
3. Sherwood Anderson 1876-1941
4. Irwin Mclain Anderson Jr. 1878
5. Raymond McLain Anderson 1883-1949
6. Earl J.Anderson 1885-1927
7. Fern Anderson 1890-1891

I will be posting Elizabeth PRall Anderson finding this week. I only go so fast.

jeannette K. Rook

Highly Recommend these books


Secret Love Letters

by Edited Ray Lewis White

Sherwood Anderson A Writer In America VOL: 1

by Walter B. Rideout

Sherwood Anderson A Writer In America VOL: 2

by Walter B. Rideout

jeannette K. Rook

The Marriages and Divorces:

The Correct Dates of the Marriages and locations of the Divorces: With the Case Numbers assigned to them.


jeannette K. Rook

Sherwood Anderson Military Service

Military Service

Jeannette K. Rook

I just recently located the last surviving Niece of Sherwood Anderson. Her name is Alice Jean "Peggy" Anderson. The daughter of Harold Dunn Anderson the 1/2 brother of Sherwood Anderson and she currently lives in Ohio. I will be visiting her. I cannot wait. She is a nice woman

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